The modalities of acupuncture and mind-body therapies are offered to help patients manage symptoms and regain balance.

Along with these treatments, I am able to offer nutrition/lifestyle and supplement/botanical recommendations that may help you build resiliency, possibly allowing you to cut down on some of your Western medications (if you are taking any), of course in communication with your primary care doctor or specialists.

Common symptoms treated include pain of all kinds, nausea/digestive concerns, women’s health concerns, headaches, sinus or lung problems, anxiety, insomnia, chronic autoimmune disorders, and many others.

 Integrative Medicine consultation and care

~ First appointment: 90 minutes

During this appointment we will review your health history and concerns and develop a plan together. If interested in acupuncture we may have time for a treatment during the first visit.

~ Follow-up visits: 30-60min


~ First appointment 60-90min /often overlaps with integrative medicine intake depending on interest.

~Follow up visits: 45-60min

Group visits/workshops – Creative art medicine, storytelling, journaling and other

~ Day/times to be determined


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